Carbon gym was founded by Charles Nimmo in 2012 with very distinct design and philosophical objectives in mind. Charles believed that the fitness industry takes itself far too seriously on one hand yet often fails to effectively cater to the diverse needs of the people who could benefit from a gym facility.

‘I wanted my gym to be a place that a was not intimidating, where members with vastly different ages and abilities could engage in their activities without impinging on each others experience. I wanted a gym where well researched health and fitness knowledge is free to all members.’

In a world of corporate franchises Carbon gym stands alone with a culture, personality and a facility that is so unique that it will never be replicated. Carbon is all about the people, there is no hard sell because all basic health and fitness tests are free along with free personal training and free tailored fitness programs. Carbon is not a place for only the fit, we believe that anything you do from corporate accounts to sheep shearing you can do better with a personally tailored gym program.

The other interesting thing about Carbon is that it is never the same from one month to the next, we design and build a lot of our own exercise equipment and regularly reformat the floor layout to try new things out.

The Gym complex is a 1200m2 Neo Classical building from the 1920s with a marvellous saw tooth roof that allows natural light into the whole building, and occasionally water. We have over 60 specialist fitness machines and plenty of floor area with varying surfaces requires for floor work.